Resonant Decor

Sound Transformed into Art

We turn any audio into unique canvas art.

Resonant Decor is created through a unique process that turns any audio file into a beautiful, one-of-a-kind work of art. Every piece created is as unique as the audio it's made from.

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About Resonant Decor

Audio you upload is used to create a waveform.

During the purchase process you upload an audio file that you want us to use for creating your artwork. This can be a recording of a voice, a song — any audio at all.

We use your audio file to generate a one-of-a-kind waveform that will be the foundation of your custom art piece. That waveform is a visual representation of your entire audio track.


We put the waveform through our unique styling process.

The raw waveform undergoes a multi-step process that gives it the artistic style that is unique to Resonant Decor.

Every order is created manually to ensure that each piece looks its best.

Color Options

Resonant Decor by evōc décor

Preset Colors

We offer 12 preset color schemes that were carefully designed to appeal to different tastes, and to provide options to match any room. If you want something even more unique to your style, we also offer a Custom Colors option.

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Custom Colors

If you have a vision of something even more unique, or you simply want something different, we offer the option to create your art with any colors you want!

You tell us what colors you have in mind, or what you want to match. We will create as many designs as it takes to create your perfect piece!

Sizes & Pricing

Dimensions (w x h) Price $
60 x 40 in $599
48 x 36 in $479
36 x 24 in $309
30 x 20 in $249
24 x 18 in $199
Extras Price $
Custom Colors $39
Digital Copy $29
Decor sizes
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